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15850Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: light weight hammock failure

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  • tim garner
    Sep 30, 2006
      it was the end most often used as the foot, but i was using it as the head last night. i used it both ways at times.
      i dont know what to make of the tear. i added one more photo that shows an odd, angled pulling of the treads.
      i had noticed a weak spot or two in the side areas last week. i figured that`s were it would go.
      the best i can tell, it was from the stress were the fabric was bunched up tight & comming out of the knot.
      mabey there was a little more pivioting going on right there too.... i like to swing.
      hey rat... (& anyone else interrested of course), i also put a couple photos in the hot springs album that michele took of my set-up. a few weeks ago i was trying to explain an idea about covers that protect the ends of the hammock from blowing rain, but wasn`t doing to good a job of explaining it.
      what you see in the photos were just the 1st attempt. more later on the improved version. ...tim

      Rat <hogn8r2004@...> wrote: Hey tim, was that the herad end or the foot end? Or do you use yours
      for either, ir, no designated head or foot end? That is an interesting
      tear. It looks like it may have started in the center and ripped
      towards the sides (no tear in that one hem). Do you think it was
      because of the weight or could you find a possible fault in the

      I busted one not long ago. I was sitting in it putting the broadheds
      on my arrows and I dropped one of the blades. When I reached for it,
      kinda under my butt/leg area, I must have pushed the tip through the
      fabric and instantly it ripped from end to end and put me on the
      ground. I guess my point is, a very small hole can lead to
      catastrophic failure in Nylon pretty quick. Could that have been a

      Glad you weren't hurt, that hardwood floor looks, well, hard.


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