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15848Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: light weight hammock failure

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  • tim garner
    Sep 30, 2006
      i couldn`t help but LOL about the good laugh you guys had in surgery<G>
      but i understand (& have to agree) about it not being worth saving a few ozs on the fabric weight. after all, i dought the differance in weight would`nt be much.
      i had another fall a while back (i belive it was the webbing that broke) onto the hardwood floor...& it wasn`t a slow drop like last night.
      i belive i must have broke something in my elbow too. it was months before it got better.
      yep, i`ll be using a stronger fabric for the next one. ...tim

      Jeff Ross <jlross_tijeras@...> wrote: I had a hammock "fail" on me once. It was the rope actually. I had
      it pitched between two posts on a concrete patio. I was laying in it
      just enjoying life. 2 milliseconds later I was flat on my back on
      the concrete with agony blasting thru my elbows. One elbow wouldn't
      quit hurting even months later. Finally I went to a doctor and got
      it X-rayed. I had broken the tip of the elbow bone off, and it was
      just floating around in there. It took minor surgery to remove it.
      The doc had a sense of humor tho. While I was laying on the
      operating table in a drugged stupor, he showed me the peice of bone
      (about like a gristle covered Life Saver without the hole in it) and
      asked me if I wanted it for anything. The anesthetic they had me on
      made everything funny. We all had a good laugh.

      So I am real wary of flimsy ropes, puny trees, weak knots, and worn
      out or wimpy hammocks now. I would rather carry an extra pound or
      two of weight than have my bed collapse under me out in the
      boondocks. .. .

      don`t leave the CREATOR out of the creation!!!

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