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15839Re: cold weather set up

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  • robert hanlon
    Sep 29, 2006
      yea i would like to know more, i went camping last weekend and i just
      about froze! i ended up gettting up at about 2 in the morning, taking
      my tarp down and using it as a back pad. that helped. Also, i posted a
      comment a couple weeks ago about keeping the rain out. I tied chords
      to my strings and i got soaked none the less, so i was convieniently
      cold and wet, the whole weekend. Luckily it rained on our first night,
      making sure everything was soaked for the whole trip. oh well, i felt
      like one hell of a trooper for 3 days.
      > >
      > > If anyone would like to see some pics, I can post
      > > some. Let me know.
      > You kiddin?! Pics are always needed!!
      > Never thought about using a Weather Shield with a bag like that. Let
      > us know how it works when you try it.
      > Jeff
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