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15836cold weather set up

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  • natesdenn71
    Sep 29, 2006
      Hi all! I was finally able to test out my cold weather system in the
      backyard. I had a footbox zipper installed in my old 20 degree
      Slumberjack bag. This enabled me to use it around my entire hammock.
      Thanks to Coy for the idea!

      Last night it reached 35F under my tarp. I moved the thermometer
      inside my bag and got a reading of 75F. I was only wearing a long
      sleeve T and jeans, cotton socks. I had my patagonia wool blend
      stocking cap on too.

      I slept nice and toasty until 5am when nature called. I noticed at
      5am my back was slightly chilly. I guess this was caused by the
      footbox zipper coming completely unzipped causing a draft underneath
      me. On "real" trips I plan on dressing more for the weather and if it
      plans to get really cold I will bring my homemade top quilt. I can
      also rig the zipper so it won't come completely unzipped.

      I would like to add some sort of wind layer to the bottom. I am
      looking at designing something to the JRB weathershield bottom.

      Overall, I am pleased with this set up and hope to try it out on a
      "real" trip soon. If anyone would like to see some pics, I can post
      some. Let me know.
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