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15669RE: [Hammock Camping] SEHHA Hammock Hangers Campout Sep 22-24, 2006

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  • Ed Speer
    Sep 12, 2006
      Sounds like fun Rosaleen. As you know I'd love to see any number of
      hammock-camping get togethers around the country-wouldn't it be a great life
      style just to travel around to hammock campouts all across the US! Now
      that's the perfect job for me! Actually I've always envisioned doing just
      that, but work seems to keep getting in the way, so fro now we're stuck
      close to home too. We'll keep Nov in PA in mind-maybe we can make it.
      Thanks for the invite.

      We're giving a hammock workshop at ALDHA's The Gathering in Athens, WV in
      Oct & have considered hosting a hammock campers special section in the
      campground there at the same time. Haven't done anything on it yet, but
      Karen & I will definitely check it out this year...Ed

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      While the Hot Springs site seems perfect, "ya just gotta" do some of these
      further north. It is too far to drive from Boston to Hot Springs for a
      normal two day weekend. <sniff>

      We are trying to get a group up for the 3-day Veterans Day weekend in
      November (11/10-12) at Dingmans Ferry Campground, in the Delaware Water Gap
      section of PA. Hammocks are optional and I hope we will have lots of ides to
      share. It probably will be much colder in PA in November than NC in
      September, but hardy souls will find warmth in camaraderie. (At least I hope
      so!) If you can make it, come on up and feel free to show off your newest
      wares. I may ask Tom Hennessy if he has any new goodies, and I sure have an
      assortment of toys (some Tom's some not) that can be displayed.



      SEHHA Hammock Hangers Campout Sep 22-24, 2006
      Posted by: "Ed Speer" ed@speerhammocks. <mailto:ed%40speerhammocks.com>
      com<mailto:ed@speerhammocks. <mailto:ed%40speerhammocks.com> com>
      Date: Mon Sep 11, 2006 8:08 pm (PDT)

      Our Fall SEHHA hammock campout is coming up soon & I for one am
      ready for a weekend in camp! Everyone is welcome. Karen & I hope
      you can all join us for a relaxing weekend at our favorite public
      campground in Hot Springs, NC. The campout is hosted by Speer
      Hammocks & this will be our 3rd one of the year.

      You can find all the details at:


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