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15613Re: Latest Brain Squeeze, Strap Stake Pockets.

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  • ptoddf
    Sep 3, 2006
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      Good idea, guys. May I suggest further evolution, what I have on my
      MacCat tarp?

      Make the stakes captive on the tie lines. I use Y stakes figuring
      what good is a skewer in real wind. Line is just threaded through a
      hole and knotted. Can't lose the stakes, they are always on the

      Sew the stake pouch along or under a ridge line tab, and stuff the
      stakes in there. I use tautline hitches on the free ends so I can
      shorten the lines to the tie tabs and avoid tangles.

      I use a full ridgeline tied to the end tabs, running underneath the
      canopy of course, not for support, but so I can hang stuff off this
      overhead ridgeline.

      I put those unused HH snake skins on the tarp tie out lines, and
      slide them over the whole thing, making a "fat ridge line" looking
      like a real snake.

      This whole package coils up in my pack ready to go, if I need rain
      pro. Often I put it up over my Speer hammock and don't unfurl it.
      It's just there, a fat rope overhead. I have the ridgeline under the
      tarp outside the snake skins, so I can still hang gear off it. (Real
      important, since anything loose in the hammock instantly migrates
      underneath the human body.)

      It weather comes in, just pull back the skins, yank the attached
      stakes out of the pouch, stomp them in and tension it up. Done. This
      takes as little thinking and rummaging through pack as possible. And
      it's complete, nothing to add, lose, or forget. Perfecto for me. Very
      important as this is literally survival gear, too.

      Best, Todd in CC.
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