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15605Re: HH on PCT report

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  • Brian Lewis
    Sep 1, 2006
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      Pan wrote:
      "Sorry for the delayed response...have been away from this site for a
      couple of days.

      My post was in response to my perceived belief that you felt
      hammocks were heavy or at least heavier than your bivi set up. The
      stock BUL and SS system you chose is heavier than some other HH and
      several other hammocks. There are posts on Whiteblaze.net that
      probably have 30-40 responses of different hammock set ups, many in
      the 3-3.5 pound range for hammocks , tarps and bottoms insulation
      adequate for 30-35 degree use.To answer you question on specific
      alternative the HH Hyperlight will shave 10 oz from the BUL
      approach, Speer models can come in lighter depending on material.
      (personally Iuse a HH ELR without the fly, 8x8, w STL and 2 ti UL
      stakes , A JRB Nest under quilt w/Suspension system and it come to
      exactly 48 os.) Others are lighter, Carol Crooker on BPL hammocked
      in the 5 pound challege last year with her entire base pack under 5

      Looking over your post above, it appears that you are carrying 12 oz
      or so of alternative gear, blue pad, space blanket, tyvek,funnels,
      and also a line level...this makes your set up appear almost a pound


      Thanks, Pan. Ditto about delayed response; my wife and I just
      finished hiking around Mt. Rainier on the Wonderland Trail (about 100
      miles of all up-and-down). Sharing a tent, as my wife hasn't
      converted, so I was back to dirt camping!

      When I responded to you last time, I hadn't realized you were a gear
      maker (JacksRBetter); I really appreciate folks like you and Ed and
      others that respond to us gear *users*!

      One thing that struck me in your suggested 2.5 to 3 pound range was
      just simple math: my Hennessy Ultralight Backpacker is listed on the
      Hennessy site as 1 pound 15 ounces. Your JRB Nest is listed at 20
      ounces, plus another ounce for the stuff sack and I think another
      ounce for the suspension system (? based on backpackgeartest review).
      Those items then alone sum to 53 ounces --- 3.3 pounds ... that's
      without including stakes to hold the sides out, or longer straps
      (necessary in the NW).

      I could have saved 7 oz (or maybe 10 depending on which HH specs you
      read ...) by going with the hyperlite instead of ultralight; the
      hyperlight is very new, however, and I generally prefer to let other
      pioneers get the arrows in their backs <g>. If I were willing to pay
      more for a hammock that I would guess would wear out faster, I could
      indeed get that down to 2 pounds 14 ounces --- more like right at the
      3 pound edge of your suggested range with necessary stakes and longer
      straps (funnels optional at less than an ounce).

      It looks to me that at this point I could save maybe 9 ounces over
      what I'm doing now (without buying a new hammock) by replacing my
      supershelter + foam pad + space blanket with a JRB nest, at the cost
      of $240 more, but with hopefully a more comfortable and consistently
      warm sleep --- assuming any underquilt will be sufficiently draft-free
      (i.e., that gaps between underquilt and hammock body don't lose me the
      warm dead air I need). And that I could keep the thing dry enough in
      the pacific northwest to keep me reliably warm. And that I never had
      to pitch the hammock on the ground.

      Come late fall or winter I'll try out some options with my
      supershelter first, and if I just can't make that reasonably work in
      lower temps, I might indeed become another JRB customer! Or maybe a
      KAQ customer, accepting more weight for a synthetic that hopefully
      would keep me warm even if wet (?).

      I was interested in the setup that you mentioned above, and wonder if
      you could expand a couple of the abbreviations (please):

      "HH ELR without the fly, 8x8, w STL and 2 ti UL stakes , A JRB Nest
      under quilt w/Suspension system" that you said comes out to exactly 48

      HH ELR is what? The Hennessy Explorer Ultralight A-Sym is listed at 2
      pounds 7 ounces (39 ounces), so that can't be it, unless you're
      somehow saving a lot of weight on an alternate (but bigger?) fly. I'm
      not sure what an STL is; I presume 8x8 refers to some alternative fly
      you're using. ti UL stakes are likely light weight (ti == titanium)

      Again, I'm truly not meaning to be critical or negative or anything,
      just trying to understand --- if a JRB nest with stuff sack and
      suspension system is 22 ounces, then 48 - 22 = 26 ounces for your
      hammock with alternate fly and stakes. That might work if ELR is a
      strange abbreviation for Hyperlite ...

      Brian Lewis
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