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15600Re: [Hammock Camping] sleeping bag (opened up) as an underquilt?

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  • gtvlfed
    Sep 1, 2006
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      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, Rick <ra1@...> wrote:
      > The important factors in using down as an underquilt in cold
      > temperatures (my experience) are:
      > - finding a way to not compress the outer fabric against the down so
      > that it compresses the down and decreases the amount of insulation
      > - finding a way to make sure that the down is against the bottom of the
      > hammock (finding a way to eliminate an air compartment between the down
      > and the hammock)
      > I have not found a way of doing that without using the surface of the
      > hammock as the top surface of the down enclosing space.

      Thanks Rick & Jeff, both sets of comments are helpful. And it's true
      that the more insulation, the greater the tendancy to sag away from
      the hammock bottom... or overtighten and compress the down.

      I failed to mention the I'm working with a HH and do like the idea of
      the flexibility to change of remove the underquilt to match conditions.

      Just a thought, is it feasible to have a series of attachment
      mechanisms (ie. ties) sewn to the bottom of a HH that would match up
      with ties/grommets on the topside of the underquilt so that it could
      be held close and not compress... regardless of the weight of the

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