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15597Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: douple hammock / S.P.E.

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  • Tod Massa
    Sep 1 6:16 AM
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      Hi, first, I am new here. Second, I contemplated a similar approach, but decided to start out simple. I have been hammocking for over a year in an ENO Double, but wanted to go a little lighter and more custom.

      What I have done is made a ZHammock and matching SPE. However, with my SPE, I started with an army surplus poncho liner and then sewed pockets into it to support a full length pad, an additional 14" pad (i'm 6'4", my son is 6'6"), and 8 pockets for wings up to 8" wide, or extra thick. I figure that this gives me a maximum of flexibility, and additional warmth. In the past I have simply wrapped the pocho liner around the pad, but that doesn't last through the night, but I do know it is a good combo.

      I have just about finished a matching tarp as well...just have to do the tie outs tonight. The final project I have been working on is a gearskin. I have a little more work to do on the shoulder straps and then add the the hardware and it will be done. Right now, it weighs in at 24oz.


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      jonas4321 <jonas4321@juno. com> wrote: .Tim-

      Cool idea. I am concerned about putting stitching in the body of a
      hammock, but since all of the hammocks I have made are double-bottom
      (Risk's ZHammock design), I would be more comfortable if the stitching
      was only in the top layer, leaving the bottom layer un-perforated. Use
      1.1oz ripstop for both layers, but sew a third partial layer of
      pouches for the DAM (or other pad) and the insulating pad segments. I
      made my own SPE-type thingie for winter camping, but keeping it
      centered in the hammock whilst getting in and out was a little tricky,
      particularly with the DAM making me ride a lot higher inside. Sewing
      the pockets directly in the top layer would eliminate shifting but
      still give the benefits of a SPE. When pads weren't needed, the
      pouches would simply remain empty.

      I like the artistic work! Nice use of color!


      ### thanks jonas... yep i`ve had that same problem w/ keeping the SPE in place.
      mabey ed & dave will go into the production mode :~) ...tim

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