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15596sleeping bag (opened up) as an underquilt?

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  • gtvlfed
    Sep 1, 2006
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      I've come to love using my underquilt (the JRB Nest). However, we're
      reaching that time of year here in Nova Scotia where the quilt alone
      isn't warm enough underneath. Adding a pad seems like such a
      compromise - yes, I've become a quilt-snob.

      As it happens, I can get a winter weight (-12C) down (800) mummy
      sleeping bag for a very very good price. I took a good look at it and
      if the hood was removed (perhaps turned into a separate clothing
      item), the foot box was opened up, the zippers cut (but taping left
      intact) and attachment straps added... it looks as though it could
      easily be converted to a very suitable underquilt. It doesn't appear
      that there'd be alot of excess bag (and therefore unnecessary

      What makes this option worth thinking about is that I can get lots of
      insulation, in quality down and, at the moment, at a better price than
      anything else I'm aware of.

      Anyone tried this and if so, how did it work out? Any reactions or

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