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15571YAHHO on the PCT

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  • farpost
    Aug 29, 2006
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      Just got back from a 5-day trip on the PCT with my 25 year-old son
      (75 miles, Stevens to Snoqualmie passes, in WA state). Got to test
      using my HH ULBA using the double-ring system which I continue to
      like. Since we were a blended camp system--he used my tarp
      tent--finding good sites for both tent and hammock meant that some
      tree configurations were not optimal. Which made the webbing to
      double-rings tie-up considerably more convenient than tying the loop
      knots at trees that were difficult to sidle up to.

      We met another pair of hikers while in the Alpine Lakes area with whom
      we swapped gear ideas. They were quite interested in the hammock so I
      gave a demo. Of course, at that elevation, there weren't many suitable
      trees and I had to wrap my webbing through a tangle of branches. Then,
      ahem, ... I blew the demo--got one of the straps twisted and it failed
      when he got in! Oh, well, once I got the webbing straightened out, and
      he got the real test, we have another convert!

      My sleep system is a Big Agnes bag in which I slide a 3/4 Ridge Rest.
      Has worked fine for me for several years, but below 40 F, it's on the
      edge of comfort. The insulation from the RR was just fine, but the
      cold spots beyond the width of the pad were just not manageable. Since
      adding SPE style wings won't work with the pad sleeve, I am definitely
      going to reconsider the idea of adding a bottom with insulation.

      Without shelling out many $$$, what would you recommend as a retrofit
      to this system?


      PCT = Pacific Crest Trail
      YAHHO = Yet Another Hennessy Hammock Outing
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