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15503Re: HH on PCT report

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  • jack_tier
    Aug 24, 2006
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      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Brian Lewis" <brianle@...>
      > Pan said:
      > "There is little reason for a three season hammock set up to 30-35
      > degrees to weigh over 2.5 - 3 pounds....read the archive here and
      > www.whiteblaze.net in the hammock forum....there ares several
      > alternatives to your approach..."
      > Thanks Pan. But could you offer a couple of clues to what you
      think I
      > should be doing instead? Before I ever posted here I read quite a
      > through the archives, and I have read what stuff I could find that
      > seemed to relate on the AT site as well, plus Sgt. Rock, the HH
      > of course, etc etc.
      > Alternatives that involve starting over with another hammock type
      > (Speer or whatever) don't seem reasonable to me given what I have
      > invested in both money and learning curve. I've read about DAMs,
      > Speer pad holders, etc etc. I'm focused here on the "keeping the
      > underside warm", as my 32 degree down bag used as a blanket is
      > great. Despite what the HH site says, and despite being a normally
      > "warm sleeper" (my wife likes to heat up her side of the bed a
      > lot more than I do in winter), parts of me got cold when temps
      were in
      > the 30's where I got off the ccf pad inside.
      > If someone is willing to interact and suggests specifics to try,
      > would be wonderful. I do appreciate the generic feedback you gave,
      > but just don't know quite what to do with it ...
      > I'll also suggest, btw, that there could be an issue with what
      > are counting as part of the total weight --- perhaps I'm including
      > something that others might not count in your 2.5 to 3 pound
      > range? Here's exactly what I'm carrying that I consider
      > "hammock-specific":
      > HH asym backpacker Hammock w/undercover, underpad, 72" & 36"
      straps in
      > lightweight compression sack: 44.6 oz
      > Hammock tarp, carried separately in a thin plastic bag: 7.6 oz
      > Trimmed space blanket: 1.3 oz
      > 72" x 24" trimmed blue close celled foam REI sleeping pad: 9.1 oz
      > 4 light stakes and 3 microbiners: 1.7 oz
      > tyvek ground cloth in case I must pitch on the ground: 1.4 oz
      > HH funnels and mesh in a ziplock: 0.8 oz
      > Line level: 0.5 oz (with more experience I may drop this)
      > This all sums to 66.9 ounces, or 4.2 pounds. To put this in
      > perspective, my total base pack weight (no food or water) is 18
      > To put it in another perspective, just the standard HH asym
      > and the HH underpad and undercover alone weigh just over 3 pounds,
      > that's without stakes or any other sort of underneath insulation.
      > That sort of implies that what you're telling me is that I should
      > with some other hammock system entirely ... ?!?
      > I really don't intend any sarcasm or anything like that here; if
      > there's something I'm missing, I'd love to learn it.
      > Brian


      Sorry for the delayed response...have been away from this site for a
      couple of days.

      My post was in response to my perceived belief that you felt
      hammocks were heavy or at least heavier than your bivi set up. The
      stock BUL and SS system you chose is heavier than some other HH and
      several other hammocks. There are posts on Whiteblaze.net that
      probably have 30-40 responses of different hammock set ups, many in
      the 3-3.5 pound range for hammocks , tarps and bottoms insulation
      adequate for 30-35 degree use.To answer you question on specific
      alternative the HH Hyperlight will shave 10 oz from the BUL
      approach, Speer models can come in lighter depending on material.
      (personally Iuse a HH ELR without the fly, 8x8, w STL and 2 ti UL
      stakes , A JRB Nest under quilt w/Suspension system and it come to
      exactly 48 os.) Others are lighter, Carol Crooker on BPL hammocked
      in the 5 pound challege last year with her entire base pack under 5

      Looking over your post above, it appears that you are carrying 12 oz
      or so of alternative gear, blue pad, space blanket, tyvek,funnels,
      and also a line level...this makes your set up appear almost a pound

      Again, welcome to the hanging crowd.

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