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15473Re: [Hammock Camping] Little Help From The HH Pros!

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  • Dylan Anderson
    Aug 23, 2006
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      Hello Randal, and welcome to the forum.

      I must apologize, I have been off the board for a
      couple of weeks, so I am sorry this is late getting to
      you, but I might be able to offer a bit of help. I
      too am from AZ, the Arrowhead section of Phoenix to be
      precise, and own a pair of Hennessy's. One is the
      biggest, the Safari Model with the stock (2lb) Hex
      fly. The other is an Explorer model, though I don't
      recall if the ultralight version was out when I
      ordered it. In any case though, I would be happy to
      get together so that you can try them out in person.
      Heck, I am always looking for local people to camp
      with and would even be up for a weekend overnighter if
      schedules could be worked out. Just let me know if
      you are interested and we can go from there!

      --- Randal <azman3us@...> wrote:

      > Just joined as I am researching the HH products in
      > an effort to rise
      > above ground sleeping. Some background – avid
      > backpacker from AZ,
      > have PK'ed most of the Apostle Islands in WI, most
      > of AZ, explored
      > the Boundary Waters in MN and the wild in So PA.
      > Consider myself a
      > lightweight – mid-weight hiker. With this said would
      > like some
      > opinions on what HH product would work for me as
      > planning to go to
      > Isle Royle next May.
      > Physical Stats
      > Height 6'1"
      > Weight 220
      > Side Sleeper
      > Current sleep system BA 15% Encampment long size
      > with aircore matt –
      > yes I have many other bags but use this one for my
      > more serious
      > outings.
      > Currently looking at these HH products
      > Explorer Untralight Asym 2.7 Lbs
      > Explorer Deluxe Asym 3.4 Lbs
      > Questions – due the BA products utilization of the
      > aircore matt for
      > insulation can this be used in the HH products? Came
      > up with the idea
      > of cutting an emergency blanket to fit between the
      > bottom aircore
      > matt and the sleeve (or pocket) to reflect the heat
      > through the matt
      > upwards. Also personally love this system as I never
      > slip and slide
      > off the matt and the bag volume gives me enough room
      > to turn over
      > easly.
      > With the great offer on the HH Scout ($79 with 2
      > flys) considering
      > purchasing one for wife/kids just to review the
      > product – or should I
      > choose another?
      > Any help and opinions are greatly appreciated
      > Thanks
      > Randal

      Though I may die tomorrow, at least I can do it with the knowledge that once I did know true love -unknown

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