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15467Re: HH on PCT report

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  • Joe
    Aug 22, 2006
      Brian, I too had become dissatisfied with sleeping on a CCF pad
      inside my hammock. After a lot of reading and contemplation about the
      various insulation systems which would fit my HH, I ordered the HH
      undercover/pad, so I read with interest your thread on the HH system
      tonight. I am not sure it will keep me warm to the temperatures I may
      want to camp in, but I am likewise unsure about the other systems. I
      have read both good and bad reviews of the HH system's insulating
      ability. I have also read some good and bad reviews for both the JRB
      and the KAQ (the other systems I was contemplating) and don't in any
      way mean to knock them. I finally decided that the only way to know
      if it would work for me was to give it a try.

      The factors that influenced me to select the HH was the ability to
      leave the system attached when packing, which eliminates the need to
      adjust it every night, the weight (13 ounces), and also the cost of
      the system (I'm cheap).

      Before ordering the system I called and talked with Tom Hennessy
      about a few questions I had. One of my questions was if it was
      possible to add a second pad without compressing it too much if one
      pad was not sufficient to get down to the temperatures I wanted to
      reach. Tom expressed his belief that using a single pad, space
      blanket and spare clothing would work for most people, but said that
      using two pads would work if needed. He also mentioned that he does
      still have hip and torso pads available, which would be lighter, less
      bulky, and less expensive than a second pad. He is considering adding
      them to his web site as optional items. But, even adding another
      complete pad, the total weight of the system would only be 18.5
      ounces with a total cost under $155, so I am willing to experiment
      with it.

      If you develop any methods that you find improve your comfort range,
      please post them. I would be interested in hearing about them.
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