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15405Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: rope vs. tree hugger

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  • Scott Macri
    Aug 17 12:00 PM
      Not a problem. That's what I figured. I just wanted to be clear that I
      wasn't saying all rope is bad.

      Even the worst rope is still probably better than the damage caused by
      tents. In my hike leadership course, which I recently took, the instructor
      explained that if an area is frequently used by tents over a few days/weeks,
      the damage can take 10+ years to heal.

      He then discussed how grass is one of the best surfaces to pitch a tent
      because it only takes a few weeks/months to recover, sometimes even less.
      Grass is very robust. LOL

      Scott A. Macri
      Trail Name: Mowgli

      On 8/17/06, Dave Womble <dpwomble@...> wrote:
      > Scott, sorry how my post appeared. I only meant to address the
      > first paragraph specifically to you since you were using the
      > Hennessy rope, the rest of it was in response to the accumulation of
      > what has been said in this thread in an attempt to share my opinion
      > on the issue of attaching hammocks to trees.
      > Dave

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