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15294Re: HH on PCT report

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  • Brian Lewis
    Aug 14, 2006
      Jeff said:
      "I've never used the Undercover and Underpad, but I understand that
      many people are warm to about 50F with that system as their only
      bottom insulation. By contrast, for about the same weight, you could
      use only the JRB Nest that Pan sells and be comfortable into the 30s.
      Or a Speer pad extender and CCF pads for a more inexpensive route -
      about the same weight as the HH system and you shouldn't have a
      problem being warm into the 30s.
      Not really knocking the HH system - as I said I don't have any direct
      experience with it - I just haven't seen many people confirm that it's
      good to much below 50 F. And for that weight, other systems can
      likely get you another 10-20 degrees of warmth."

      Thanks, Jeff. I guess I too am looking to hear from anyone that can
      confirm the sort of stats that the HH site gives for what their system
      should do. For $240 I can buy the JRB Nest and hopefully that would
      do what I thought I was getting for $130 from the HH supershelter
      (read the arctic test on the HH site and tell me that isn't implying
      the supershelter is good down to very low temps ...). Assuming that
      the JRB nest really did keep me warm enough, I'd save a net of maybe 4
      ounces, and perhaps have a simpler system.

      Given that the supershelter doesn't seem to really cut it at cold
      temps (?), I'm naturally leery of spending yet more money at this
      point on something else that promises to do so ... (!)

      The issue I have with the Speer pad extender is that I just don't
      think it's going to be as comfortable; I'd really like to do without a
      ccf pad that I lay on directly inside the hammock.

      I suppose I could order a second underpad from HH for $30 (and 5.5
      more ounces) and see if that added enough warmth. Or maybe I can just
      get some open-celled foam from a local fabric store. Reading the
      supershelter reviews on backpackgeartest.org, they talk about their
      testing being delayed until HH shipped them separate hip and kidney
      insulation pieces. Such items are not for sale on the HH site ...

      I'm going to defer deciding about all of this until winter time when
      it will be easy for me to test typical "three season low temps" in the
      convenience of my backyard and try out various possibilities.
      Hmm, then maybe I'll submit an owner review to augment what's on
      backpackgeartest.org ...

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