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15269Re: HH on PCT report

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  • Jeff
    Aug 13, 2006
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      I've never used the Undercover and Underpad, but I understand that
      many people are warm to about 50F with that system as their only
      bottom insulation. By contrast, for about the same weight, you could
      use only the JRB Nest that Pan sells and be comfortable into the 30s.
      Or a Speer pad extender and CCF pads for a more inexpensive route -
      about the same weight as the HH system and you shouldn't have a
      problem being warm into the 30s.

      Not really knocking the HH system - as I said I don't have any direct
      experience with it - I just haven't seen many people confirm that it's
      good to much below 50 F. And for that weight, other systems can
      likely get you another 10-20 degrees of warmth.


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