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15227Re: HH on PCT report

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  • Jeff
    Aug 11, 2006
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      Sounds like you had a great trip and learned some good lessons for
      the future. One observation:

      > ... and realized
      > that one of the trees I had tied to was dead (all the bark was
      > this wasn't immediately obvious). The way I found this out was
      > the tree started to give way (my way). I hopped off/out quick
      > that it didn't come down and I didn't even have to move much, as
      > another nearby tree offered an alternate anchor point close enough.

      So the tree was dead enough that your weight made it start falling
      in your direction...i.e., towards the other tree you were hanging
      from. And then you used that same tree, with a dead tree leaning
      towards you that's loose enough for your weight to pull it down, to
      sleep the rest of the night? Good thing it wasn't windy...

      Just a thought. I don't hang that close to dead trees.

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