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15154Re: [Hammock Camping] materials

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  • Frank Looper
    Aug 6, 2006
      From: "Scott Macri" <hacktorious@...>
      To: "hammockcamping" <hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Sunday, August 06, 2006 2:16 AM
      Subject: [Hammock Camping] materials

      Anybody know where I can find the following three items at the same
      online? I am trying to avoid as much shipping charges as possible. I
      cannot find a single store that carries all three. Thanks.

      1) 1.9oz coated ripstop nylon - woodland camo
      2) 1.1oz coated ripstop nylon - woodland camo
      3) no-see-um-netting

      I have been looking high and low at local shops, and have checked every
      listed in Ed's book.

      Questoutfitters.com is your best shot. Their camo comes and goes, but
      they often have it.
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