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15133first hammock

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  • Scott Macri
    Aug 4, 2006
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      I finished making my first hammock tonight. I still have to make the fly
      and bug net. I only sustained minor injuries and didn't have to go to the
      hospital. Darn pins/needles are sharp. LOL

      It was definitely a learning experience. It isn't rocket science, but it
      definitely takes some skill and practice, practice, practice.

      I think I may have made the hammock too deep. I based it on a 4' child, and
      the inside is about 6' in length. I made the width about 48". I should
      have probably went with 42". I haven't tested it out yet so it is tough to
      tell if it is too deep. I will test it tomorrow.

      If it is too wide I may be able to put some side ties on it like the HH's
      have. Well, I am off to bed.

      I will try to post some photos soon.

      Scott A. Macri
      Trail Name: Mowgli

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