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1512Re: Hammock Camping help find a thread

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  • Stephen T. Gregorie
    May 21, 2003
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      for material check out this site:

      --- robi dawson <beanco@...> wrote:
      > Hi Everybody,
      > I seem to remember a thread/post not too long ago
      > with info on sewing a
      > hammock, i seem to remember the price being sg like
      > 50 bucks...
      > anybody know what I post that was?
      > BTW, one thing has not become clear to me yet if I
      > were to go ahead and buy
      > a hammock or kit what would be the advantageous of a
      > HH or Speer over a
      > say, Bana, that Bana is by far the cheapest and I
      > recall some here saying
      > they do use them...
      > This is all relevant because i still have not found
      > good material here in
      > Budapest, so i will have to order over the Net
      > either materials or
      > kit/completed hammocks,, oh yeah, if i go the make
      > from scratch route,
      > where should i look for materials, any personal
      > favs?
      > i am heavy in the 220 - 230 range and will need a
      > tarp as well as hammock.
      > thanks again in advance for the tips/help
      > robi

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