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15076First DIY!!

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  • Keith
    Aug 3, 2006
      Hey guys! Just in case you're interested, I finished my first 'real'
      DIY project last night.

      The pack I've been working on (and since finished) is a pretty
      intensive project, but it was already 'done' when I got it; I just had
      to rip some seams, sew 'em back up, and add a few straps. I will have
      pix of it up as soon as the guy I made it for gives me the OK (it's
      his design).

      Anyway, I got my GG 9x9 tarp yesterday. I wanted to use my #2
      snakeskins on it instead of on my hammock. Why? I'm assuming my
      hammock won't be wet when I pack it. The tarp might. The skins
      should keep the wet tarp from soaking everything in my pack.

      The problem was that the skins were too short. I had a few decent
      size scraps of silnylon laying around, so I thought - why not make one
      of them longer? So I did. The finished extension (not counting the
      seams) is ~32". This gives about 6" of overlap with the other skin.
      I've put pix up on my 360 page:


      It's in the HH photos folder. Somebody let me know if this link works
      or not? I think I posted the wrong one last time...
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