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15052[Hammock Camping] Re: HH fly undercover link

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  • Jeff
    Aug 2, 2006
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Scott Macri"
      <hacktorious@...> wrote:
      > Has anybody tried sewing a large pocket to the bottom of their
      hammock to
      > hold a ccf pad, or something?

      CD Pritchard used to post here - maybe he's still lurking. He made
      a pad pocket. And the Crazy Creek I'm testing now has a pad pocket.

      I don't know how satisfied CD is with his version, but I don't think
      the Crazy Creek pad pocket works as well as a two-layer hammock b/c
      it restricts where I can put the pad. Since it's inline with the
      hammock, I can't get diagonal, and since it's the same width all the
      way down it bunches up the pad at the ends.

      As far as pads go, I thought a two-layer hammock works pretty well.
      I'd still rather use a SPE instead of the two-layer hammock, though -
      and it's probably lighter than a full panel of hammock material.


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