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15015Hennessy Knot Confusion

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  • Scott Macri
    Aug 1, 2006
      I recently came to a discovery. I was not tying the HH knot correctly. I
      didn't quite understand the instructions on the stuff sack so I consulted
      the internet. That was a mistake, because the website where I "learned" how
      to tie the knot was incorrect. I figured out it was not correct when I was
      trying to figure out why the darn strap kept sliding down the tree. After
      consulting Srgt Rocks website, I learned the correct method for doing it the
      Hennessy Way. LOL I am no longer having any issues with sag, knot tying,
      or quick and effortless adjustments.

      The difference in the two methods doesn't appear to be a big deal, but for
      me it made all the difference. Instead of wrapping the suspension cord
      around all the webbing wrappings, before tying the knot, I was only wrapping
      it around the portions with the loops.

      Scott A. Macri
      Trail Name: Mowgli

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