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14346Re: [Hammock Camping] Marta sighting in Maine!

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  • Rick
    Jul 8, 2006
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      Thanks for your good wishes. It is good to have friends - really good.

      Going in, I knew that the 100 mile wilderness is only somewhat remote.
      Like much of the trail, it is a little bit of an illusion that we are
      deep in the woods. The parking guide for the segment lists a number of
      places where one can park near the trail and do much of it in day hike

      Within 10 minutes of my fall I had determined to walk south to the
      railroad crossing that I had passed at mile 104.5. Then I would walk
      the railbed to a road someplace south of the trail. But fortunately, I
      ran across two hikers with a map, and was able to trade a mile of trail
      walking for some gravel road walking. (The trail was much slower going
      for me than the gravel road.)

      I fell between Wilson Valley Lean-to and Long Pond Stream Lean-to,
      probably about mile 101.5 in the 2005 set of distances from K. I had to
      walk back to the old logging road at mile 103.5 and then a mile to a
      more used gravel road, and then two miles on that road until I reached
      the bridge that crosses Big Wilson Stream. It was there that I had been
      able to arrange for the good people at Shaw's Boarding House to meet me.

      About being a couch potato, I assume you must be joking. One of today's
      tasks is to hang my hammock back up in the room that Diane and I
      affectionately call the "hammock room." Maybe I will help to define the
      "hammock potato" syndrome.


      Ed Speer wrote:
      > Wow Rick, glad to hear Marta is doing well. But sorry to hear about your
      > fall-it couldn't have been much fun walking with that spiral fracture!
      > Guess that screws up a lot of things-but at least now you have the perfect
      > excuse to stay home & be a couch potato for the rest of the summer. In 01,
      > I remember meeting an equally unlucky hiker who'd also taken a nasty fall in
      > the Wilderness & was holed up in one of the shelters hoping to recover
      > enough to walk out. He had a serious head injury & other hikers left food
      > for him & his two companions-since I never heard otherwise, I'm guessing he
      > made it out OK. Where did you come out? If it was only 5 miles, you were
      > lucky.
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