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14299[Hammock Camping] Re: Will Hennessey Trade With Me?

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  • Brian Lewis
    Jul 3, 2006
      "This is a very good point. Maybe I should consider the more durable
      hammock at a lower price. Either way I am ok with 1lb 15oz. + 10oz
      foam pad. A decent tarp setup is about 2lbs 5oz + a pad."

      A couple of additional observations about a Hennesy Hammock. I just
      got back from an overnight hike --- btw, with a fellow hammock camper
      that I met via this list! We were both initally leery lest the other
      one turn out to be an axe murderer ... <grin>. He was great, however,
      and it was helpful to learn from someone who's been doing this.

      Like me, this guy also has a Hennessy Backpacker A-Sym, though his is
      from a few years ago (3 I think?). We set these up close to each
      other, and both of us tried crawling into the other persons hammock.
      To both of us it looked as if his is roomier inside than mine, and
      longer. The Backpacker A-Sym is supposed to be for a person up to
      6' tall. I'm 5'10" on a particularly tall day, and he's about an inch
      shorter, but a possibility is that my hammock is nevertheless on the
      short side of what it should be for me (??). So perhaps mine was
      made a little smaller than it should have been, or perhaps in recent
      years they've been making them a little smaller, or both myself and
      this other Hennesy owner were fooled, or ... space aliens. You can
      never discount the possibility that space aliens are involved (keep
      that tin foil completely covering your cranium at all times).

      I suppose I could consider switching to an HH Explorer Deluxe
      (especially if I could convince my wife that she really needs a
      hammock tent <grin>), but it's surprisingly heavier at 52 oz rather
      than 31 oz. According to the specs this adds 8" of length. But wait,
      there's also an Explorer Ultralight, that's just 39 oz and is the same
      price as the Explorer Deluxe.

      Maybe someone else can comment as to whether a "near to" 6' person
      should go with an Explorer versus a Backpacker. Based on my limited
      experience and this ~side-by-side comparison I might consider doing
      that if I were to start over.

      Side question: I just looked at the files section for this group,
      thinking perhaps there's something like a list of suggestions for
      people starting out as hammock campers. I didn't dig through all the
      files there, but at first glance there didn't seem to be anything like
      that. Is there such a list somewhere? If not ... !

      One point that I learned on this trip that I might suggest for such a
      list is to have a small separate plastic bag to keep webbing/strapping
      in, as I found out this morning that some trees will leave pitch on
      your straps ... stuff like this that I expect experienced hangers know
      very well, but isn't obvious to those (like me) just starting out.

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