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14297RE: Old Posts revisited

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  • Ed Speer
    Jul 3, 2006
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      Sorry guys, This is my fault---the old posts are those that were put in a
      pending-approval folder by Yahoo Groups for a moderator to review & approve
      before going to the list. This is a new service of Yahoo Groups and I
      didn't understand it completely, so when I found them & approved them
      yesterday, they were posted to the list. However, they had already been
      posted to the list, so I still don't quite understand this new feature-my
      suspicion is they were duplicate posts (and therefore the second version was
      suspected of being spam). Yahoo Groups recently began a new service of
      putting posts suspected of being spam into a holding folder pending
      individual approval by a moderator before it can go to the full list. When
      I found this folder for the first time yesterday, it contained 10 or so old
      posts, most of which turned out to be posts that had already gone to the
      list-however, several of the suspected-spam posts really were spam, so I
      deleted them before they went to the list. So the new suspected-spam
      service might work well, but apparently duplicates of some legitimate posts
      also end up in the suspected-spam folder. I'll try to be more careful in
      the future

      Remember that this is a free & open discussion group & your individual posts
      are immediately sent out to the entire list without review or approval of a
      moderator. Yahoo Groups' new anti-spam service may result in some
      legitimate posts being held back for moderator approval-but let's hope not.
      I've now signed up for Yahoo Groups to notify me via email as soon as any
      post is added to the suspected-spam folder pending approval-this should
      avoid the delayed review problem we just had. The other moderators (Karen &
      Shane) should also sign up for this feature-just change your profile

      Happy 4th of July everyone..Ed

      Moderator, Hammock Camping List
      Author, Hammock Camping, The Complete Guide

      Editor, Hammock Camping News

      Owner, Speer Hammocks Inc

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