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14271Am I always the last to find things out?

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  • Bill Jones
    Jun 30, 2006
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      Hello Friends,

      Perhaps everyone else in the world already knows this. But just in case,
      I'll share a little discovery I recently made about my Hennessy Hammock.

      I own one of the earlier Expedition 2.5 models. This is not the asym
      design. Others have complained about the rain fly being a little skimpy. I
      felt that way too. But a couple nights ago I found out otherwise. I was
      camped about nine miles from the trailhead out of Cedar Grove in Kings
      Canyon National Park. There was a threat of thunderstorms so I wanted my
      rain fly to do it's job and keep my down sleeping bag dry. I discovered
      that if you tension the rain fly too tightly across the peak there will be
      gaps big enough to let blowing rain come through the mosquito netting. But
      if you leave a bit of slack in the ends of the fly by the tree hugger
      straps but keep the side lines nice and tight the rain fly will cover the
      hammock perfectly.

      I wish I had discovered this little secret several seasons ago. It would
      have saved me a couple sleepless nights. And again, if I'm the only person
      in the world who didn't know this, please excuse the bandwidth. Just tryin'
      to help.

      Bill Jones KD7S <><
      Sanger, California

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