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14227Re: pack cover

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  • Brian Lewis
    Jun 25, 2006
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      "The compromise--a pack cover with a hood. I'm planning to make it
      this afternoon."

      If you do it right you can get that whole "Hunchback of Notre Dame"
      look going for you. Perhaps crudely stencil "Igor" on the back (I
      suggest drawing the 'R' backwards for just that extra touch).

      Remember, fashion over function! (or was it the other way round ...

      My wife just uses one of those really light/thin ponchos and drapes it
      over everything; it seems to work okay for her. I've not done this,
      but probably should; at times it's exactly perfect, but if your trail
      hasn't been brushed out in a while, a poncho isn't fun. But in that
      case you're probably wet in any event, so I guess you could just take
      the thing off ...

      Ditto high wind, a poncho can be a little annoying. I guess my
      feeling has been that I'm going to want a shell anyway, so why carry a
      poncho too, unless it doubles as a tarp or backup ground cloth (if you
      have to pitch your hammock as a tent on the ground).

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