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14221Re: [Hammock Camping] Hamocking in the heat...

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  • Amy
    Jun 23, 2006
      Thanks, Rat! I will save this post. How would you tie out a space
      blanket (and yes, I do already carry one in my emergency kit...
      although there would go the compactness for sure! *lol*)? Small
      pebbles in the corner? Or would the mylar tear too easily?

      Please do let me know how it works out! And thank you both - I
      wouldn't have thought of a double tarp (well, maybe in a few dozen

      > T-Back's solution works very well, two tarps one above the other.
      > This is how the Darnell Tents we used in Iraq are constructed and it
      > makes a big difference in the heat load. Using a mylar blanket as
      > the top tarp would be even more effective as well. And it would add
      > little if no (if you already carry one) weight at all. I am going to
      > try this out this weekend.
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