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14098Re: HH supershelter experiences sought

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  • Brian Lewis
    Jun 14, 2006
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      Bill asked: "Could you sleep on your side? Would that help?"

      Sure, part of the time (I do), but I don't think I'd be happy
      side-sleeping all night --- or even be *able* to sleep all night that
      way (I suspect I'd shift when not [fully] conscious).

      Sleeping on my back seems to be the most natural thing in a hammock.
      Unlike ground (or bed) sleeping, however, it's not so
      black-and-white, i.e., you can sleep in a position that's partway
      between "on your back" and "on your side". The more "on my back" I
      am, I think the more my upper-mid back starts to get sore over time
      --- based on pretty limited experience.

      If I stick with this and get the long-term experience some of you "old
      timer" hammock campers have, maybe I'll eventually figure this out!
      <grin> In any event, I sure do appreciate the feedback (I'd rather
      learn from someone *elses* pain and suffering!)

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