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14085Re: [Hammock Camping] water bottle questions

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  • Brian Lewis
    Jun 13, 2006
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      Dylan said:

      > I have not seen the new funnels from Hennessy yet, so
      > I do not know how they are threaded, but have you seen
      > the Platypus bladders?

      Hi Dylan. In fact, the Platypus is what I use. I just tried it with
      the funnels, and the funnel fits just fine with a platypus bladder.

      Irrlevant to me personally, however, as I'm only going to be putting
      clean water into the filter (not rain water).

      Now, I have a separate platypus sort of "water bag" for trips where
      there's less reliable water sources, but even then I'd not be inclined
      to put rain water into that even on trips where I'm carrying it. And
      a couple of 16 oz cheap-o water bottles together maybe weigh 1 oz ...

      Each to their own (!), and thanks for your thoughts.

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