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14077Re: Will Hennessey Trade With Me?

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  • Brian Lewis
    Jun 13 11:45 AM
      As someone that just (couple of weeks ago) bought an ultralight a-sym
      ... knowing that the hyperlight was out there ... let me offer one
      line of thinking. Might be just flat wrong, but ... <grin>

      The hyperlite saves you 7 ounces over the ultralight and packs a
      little smaller, for $50 more.

      The money didn't stop me (much), but rather the way in which the
      weight is saved. Comparing the specs, the hammock fabric of the
      hyperlite is "30D high tenacity, high thread count nylon taffeta with
      heavy duty ripstop (wt., 394 g., 13 7/8 oz)"

      The ultralite hammock fabric is "70D nylon taffeta, 160 x 90 high count"

      Every other spec reads the same. So the hyperlite is an ultralight
      except that they've saved 7 ounces and some bulk by reducing the mass
      of the hammock fabric itself --- the part that holds you up off the
      ground and --- it seems to me --- is the part that gets most of the
      wear and tear.

      Like all of the hiking world it seems, I'm ever pushing more *towards*
      the ultralight goal, but am not interested in joining the "gonzo
      ultralight elite". I still wear (light) hiking boots rather than
      tennis shoes, that sort of trade-off. I think I'll be happy with the

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