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14RE: Hammock Camping Re: OK.....first question

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  • Ed Speer
    Jan 9, 2003
      I did once have a racoon climb down a tree I was tied to; another time a porcupine actually climbed a tree I was tied to!  He stayed up all night and finally came down at dawn.  Neither animal bothered me or my pack w/ food.
      The pie pan would probably work well in a situation like the campsites in the Everglades when very large numbers of rats or racoons show up looking for fresh water.  It's rare, but does happen.  Occassionally small islands there are overrun by 1,000's of rats--if you didn't know and camped on their island....!
      Our tree climbing snakes in the US are not poisonous, or are they?  This might be a concern in other parts of the world.  I've seen snakes in the Amazon that easily hold their head 3 feet off the ground!  I still feel safer in a hammock than on the ground.

      No. But I've hear of it happening and of people using pie pans,
      frisbies ect. as a block. I guess the wild critters havent had time
      to figure it out like yard critters.  I know a few squirls that
      would laugh at such attempts.

      Coy Boy

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      > I've never had any critters climb down the hanging straps; have

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