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13957Re: [Hammock Camping] Hammock support lines

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  • jonas4321
    Jun 2, 2006
      Aside from the controversy about tying to trees, I wanted to expand on
      Risk's assessment of issues using thin diameter cord to hang a hammock.

      I use 3mm and 4mm Technora T100 to hang my hammocks, and noticed early
      on that the thin cord was going to damage the fabric of my hammock (I
      had tied it using a double sheet bend to the hammock). I also broke 1
      inch polypro webbing to which the 3mm cord was tied, supporting Risk's
      belief that the thin cord would ultimately cut through webbing, at
      least the narrower polypropylene webbing I was using.

      To prevent these problems, I used 4' of 1 inch tubular nylon webbing
      at each end of the hammock, doubled over and attached using a slipped
      double sheet bend to create a 'hammock hugger' loop. I use 1.5 inch
      and 2 inch (depending on which hammock I am using at the time) polypro
      webbing as tree huggers, to which I clip a heavy aluminum carabiner (I
      run the webbing through the biner twice). The webbing ends are secured
      using side release buckles. The tree hugger webbing is 10' long,
      allowing me to double-wrap any tree up to almost 2' in diameter.
      Double wraps are necessary imo to take load off the buckle.

      The T100 Technora (which is Spectra core, I believe) is tied at the
      hammock loop using a clinch knot, wrapped through the 'eye' of the
      loop twice before finishing. It is tied to the biner using the
      figure-8 Hennessey wrap.

      With this (admittedly not hyper-light) arrangement, I avoid webbing,
      tree and fabric damage and have lightweight cords that are super
      strong and almost stretch-free. After several nights, I see no damage
      being inflicted on the tubular nylon webbing loops on the hammocks,
      and the biners are very kind to the tree huggers.

      Pictures posted under Jonas4321. Sorry for the blurry one... the
      clinch knot is an easy one to find on the web, and other knots could
      be used.

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, Aris Dennis <apfel1984@...> wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > I picked up some 2mm spectra line today to try out as
      > the hammock support ropes of my in-progress warm
      > hammock. I wanted to get the 3mm (rated to 400kg) but
      > they were out. This stuff is rated to 280kg. Will this
      > be sufficient to use safely on the hammock?
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