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13952Re: mini trip report on Ga AT

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  • Dave Womble
    Jun 2, 2006
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      Coy did great... hiking in the mountains are always a shock when you
      haven't been in those types of elevation changes for a while. I
      forgot to tell Coy that the AT in Georgia gets tougher the farther
      north you go, but the good news is that he has already hiked the
      hardest part since we started at the north end and hiked south. For
      those of you familar with the Georgia section of the AT, we camped
      the first night just north of Tray Mountain Shelter at Steel Trap Gap
      and got our water from a spring off of a marked side trail at the
      gap. The second night we camped just south of Blue Mountain Shelter
      at Henson Gap and got our water from a marked side trail a few tenths
      of a mile south of there along the trail. The third night we cooked
      dinner at the water source at Hog Pen Gap and then carried water for
      the night and next day up to our camp site on Wildcat Mountain. We
      didn't have very good visibilty for any of the trip but I was able to
      show Cody and Coy one of my favorite views from Wildcat Mountain and
      you were able to make out the alignment of Cowrock Mountain, Leveland
      Mountain, Blood Mountain and Slaughter Mountain in the haze. The
      next day we got to hike over Cowrock Mountain and Leveland Mountain
      before ending our trip at the foot of Blood Mountain.

      There was plenty of water flowing and the vegation is phenomenol with
      lots of poison ivy and poison oak about. I don't think the three of
      us are sensitive to it, but if you are make some plans on how you
      want to deal with it if you get out on the AT in north Georgia this
      time of year because it will be difficult to be out there without
      brushing up against some of it along the sides of the trail. You
      need to be mindful of it when you select sites that are in the brush
      and even look for it growing up trees you may have eyed for your


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Coy" <starnescr@...> wrote:
      > Dave, Cody and I had a nice 4 day hike this week. We started at
      > Gap at 11 AM on Monday. We ended up at Neels Gap this morning at 12
      > PM. We made about 8 miles the first day. around 11 the next 2 and
      > today. Of cours Dave and Cody spent a lot of time waiting on me. We
      > had a little rain the first day, and thunder storms the last 2
      > But everyone stayed dry despite some pretty windy conditions.
      > in the trees helped. It was nice hiking weather but when it is 86
      > degrees headed up Rocky Top there is no such thing as sweating. It
      > moves into a new realm called dripping. To top it off a sweat bee
      > me while resting in my hammock at the top. In fact the 3 mountans
      > climbed the second day bout zapped me. We hiked the 11 miles the
      > third day on realitivly flat gound failrly fast (for me but still
      > rest breaks etc) and cody was attacked but a crazy squirel. I must
      > have been startled cause it jumped at his leg, bounced off and ran
      > between he and Dave off into the underbrush. As usual, I was to far
      > back to see the show but heard the yelling. I felt really low as we
      > ended at Hogpen Gap. If the car were parked there I doubt I could
      > have been convinced to continue on. But a quick climb up on Wildcat
      > Mt. and a good rest (we got there early enough to sit around awhile)
      > made a differance in my outlook. Then a night in the hammock sealed
      > the deal. I knew I could make the last 6 miles today. But back on
      > Wildcat Mt. Dave had mentioned clouds shooting the gap (Testnatee
      > and sure nuff about an hour before sundown they put on a show. Of
      > course the clouds were also the prerunner of a pretty good
      > thunderstorm. The whole hike was great but the night on Wildcat
      > mountain was the best. As always, it was great to hike with Dave.
      > Just don't listen to him whe he say that was the last big climb....
      > Coy Boy
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