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13893getting out the old sewing machine...

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  • marta_clark
    May 26, 2006
      I got out the sewing machine for one last (well...maybe the second
      or third to last) project before the thru-hike attempt. I finally
      made skins for the hammock tarp and the body. A couple of skinny
      tubes for the tarp, and a couple of fatties (16" circumference) to
      contain the hammock, Pea Pod, bug net, and sleeping quilt, already
      assembled. The skins are blaze orange, since I got a good deal on
      blaze orange silnylon from Brawny. I elected to make the fat skins
      pretty roomy so as not to compress the down Pea Pod more than
      necessary, and to allow me to switch from thinner to thicker
      sleeping quilts/bags as the fall comes on. I also find the
      annoyance of having to cram something into a too-tight space to be
      much greater than the space saving said slightly-too-small package

      I'm taking this arrangement with me this weekend on a three-day hike
      north of Damascus. This is theoretically the final shake-down hike
      before I leave for Maine July 1. I'm pretty happy with the result.
      The sleeping system takes up a lot of the inside of the pack but
      it's slippery and compressible so it's easy to pack stuff in and
      around it. Pack weight this morning with 2.5 days food and 1.5
      liters of water was 23 pounds. That includes some stuff I haven't
      carried with me on previous section hikes, like the Pocket Mail and
      a camera.

      The last couple of little sewing projects I've got planned are
      pouches attached to the backpack for keeping glasses, map, etc.
      closer to hand.

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