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13884Re: [Hammock Camping] Hennessy HyperLite?

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  • Richard Perlman
    May 25, 2006

      Are you able to describe the difference between the
      Hyperlight Backpacker and the Light Racer Asym?
      Is the difference in weight (4 oz) simply the gear
      pocket, gear hooks, tree huggers and velcro (and 50 bucks)?

      Any idea if it's possible to buy just HLBP hammock body?


      Rosaleen Sullivan wrote:

      > Tom-
      > While Marta was helping Ed at the Speer booth, I was helping Tom at the
      > Hennessy booth.
      > The Hennessy Hyperlight Backpacker was introduced for the first time
      > anywhere at Trail Days. The quickest explanation I can give you about
      > the Hyperlight: It is identical in size to the Asym Backpacker. Same
      > fly, ropes, pullouts, interior pocket and hooks on the ridgeline. The
      > Asym Backpacker hammock body is a 70 denier WPB finish fabric. The
      > Hyperlight hammock body is made of a 30 denier ripstop nylon. The Asym
      > Backpacker weighs 1 lb, 15 oz, while the Hyperlight weighs 1 lb, 8 oz.
      > Changing that bottom fabric cut nearly 1/2 lb from the hammock system's
      > total weight. Both the Asym and the Hyperlight are rated to 200
      > pounds. The Hyperlight might be a better summer hammock, as dropping
      > the waterproofing allows the hammock bottom to be more breathable. It
      > is also a bit "stretchier," I noticed, as potential customers climbed in.
      > I hope this helps. Ask again if you need more info.
      > Cheers!
      > Rosaleen
      > From: "Tom Caldwell" coldspring44@...<mailto:coldspring44@...>
      > Date: Thu May 25, 2006 7:32am(PDT)
      > Subject: Hennessy HyperLite?
      > Anybody know anything about the new Hennessy HyperLite?
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