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  • chcoa
    May 7, 2006
      Hi Tim,

      I can give some input on your questions but bear in mind I've slept
      on the pillows only one full night so far.

      1)how well does it hold air through the night?

      I used two on my inital night trail. One was the dual chambered.
      Both held air fine through the night (7 hrs). I had also inflated
      both pillows about three times previously for picutres, experiments,
      pre-testing trails etc..

      2)how long will one pillow average lasting, because they come 3 to
      > a pack & there cheap, & not intended to last forever.

      They "seam" like they can be used several times with care.

      > 3) what do they feel like aganst your skin?

      They feel soft to the touch but I found actually sleeping on them
      was not as comfy as I thought it would be. FlexAir suggests
      wrapping them in a shirt or something, I think this is probably a
      good idea.

      Best of luck.
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