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13687Re: [Hammock Camping] neck support

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  • tim garner
    May 7, 2006
      thanks for the great reply...

      MommyVeggie@... wrote: I haven't introduced myself yet. I've been lurking quite a while....very
      interesting group. I have a HH that I've only backyd camped in. Trail Days
      will be my first real outing.
      ### i plan to go to trail days, so mabey we`ll see you there.

      Anyway. I have used the Flex Air pillows tent camping and in the HH.
      Definitely get the dual chamber because you can adjust the air to your liking.
      They seem very strong as long as nothing gets close to puncture it. ( Don't wear
      earrings, LOL )
      ### i haven`t worn earrings in years, so that shouldn`t be a problem :~)

      I discovered taking 2 straws is best. They are easy to
      blow up (with a staw..provided with pillow) BUT they are difficult to get all
      the air expelled unless you use 2 straws....one in each chamber at the same
      ### now that`s good to know.
      They are not slippery. I have a very light wt. pillow case I use with
      them for protection....made of brushed polyester in an envelope style. They
      also fit nicely in the hood of a sleeping bag. They are wonderful under
      knees....if you get that negative knee feeling in the hammock.
      ### yep... i like to use something under my knees when i sleep on my back, & between my knees when i`m on my side.
      Can't say enough
      good about them. Oh, we tried out the Clark hammocks with the pockets and
      the single chamber pillows were great for putting in the pockets to poof them
      for insulation....and supper lightwt.
      ### now that`s interresting!!!
      I wrote all of this back to the
      company for allowing me to try them.
      I love all the questions and answers from this group.....keep 'em coming.
      NO...thank YOU ...tim


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      tim garner

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