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13681Re: [Hammock Camping] Rain getting me wet

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  • opnheartscrub@tampabay.rr.com
    May 7, 2006
      > So here's the question. As my hammock gets wet on the ends, will
      > the
      > water run down the fabric, gather in the bottom layer of fabric
      > and run
      > beneath my CCF pad, leaving me dry? Or will the water kind of run
      > down
      > on the inside too, leaving me in a puddle on my pad?

      It's been my experience that as long as the water does not blow inside
      the hammock you should stay dry as long as you are on a pad. The
      water I've had blow up onto the underside of the hammock and travel
      down my straps ran down the material to the lowest point (my butt)and
      dripped off to the ground. After aborting a canoe trip on the third
      rainy day because of this problem (and having no pad) I did some
      sprinkler testing and now always carry a pad just for this reason.
      Hope this helps.

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