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13663Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: neck support

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  • Scott Schroeder
    May 3, 2006
      > I find that the angle is fine, but supporting my head just on the back
      > of my head and shoulders puts too much stress on my neck, and gives me
      > a headache in the morning. Using a neck pillow supports my neck, but
      > keeps my head at the same angle (the back of my head still lays on the
      > hammock)...this relieves the tension and I don't get a headache.
      > Jeff
      > ### yep... i get the same neck strain, headache if i don`t use a neck
      > pillow.
      > ...tim

      exactly, that's why I brought it up.
      I think if I have a full pillow it's too much.
      I just need some support under the neck and not the head and I'm very
      Thanks for the replies on this one.

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