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13656April 06 SEHHA Thanks

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  • Joe
    May 2, 2006
      I know this is an old subject by now, but I just got home from the
      SEHHA campout and subsequent hikes and wanted to say that I enjoyed
      meeting and talking with everyone. It was nice being able to see the
      different setups that others use and to hear about their experiences.
      This was the first campout I have attended, but it certainly won't be
      my last if I can help it. It was really a pleasure getting together
      with a great bunch of people.

      I especially want to say "Thanks" to Ed and Karen for making it
      happen, to Dave and Brian for including me in a great hike, and to
      Marta for going out of her way to shuttle us for our hike.

      The only complaint I have about the campout is that holding it in
      North Carolina sure makes it tough to come back to the land of
      flatness, heat, and humidity (Florida)! How about picking some
      undesirable place for the next one? I did manage to delay leaving for
      a few more days by squeezing in an extra hike from Devil's Fork Gap
      back to Hot Springs (sorry, I just had to rub it in Dave & Brian).

      Anyway, thanks to all for the great time! Hope to see you at the next
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