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13645Subject: Re: neck support

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  • ptoddf@aol.com
    May 1, 2006
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      Try an airline pillow if you can still find one anywhere. Actually, half or
      a third of an airline pillow is better, you can fold the "non-woven" covering
      to close it back up again.

      Failing that, I found some upholstery or cushion material, not foam, but
      white fiber looking, at JoAnnes Fabric. This makes a neck roll type pillow real
      well, it's semi firm.

      I tried and don't like blow up pillows. Too rubbery, bouncy for me.

      I also like to tie a thin cord bridle to the two ends of the little neck
      pillow and tie that up at the head end gather. Keeps it in approximate place.
      Otherwise, soon as you get up it ends up at the lowest point in the hammock

      Best, Todd in CC.

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