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13643Re: [Hammock Camping] upper 60s

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  • Scott Schroeder
    May 1, 2006
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      If you are back from S.A. and find some time I would be interested in
      a picture of your magic undersack. I can't get a clear image from your
      description below. Did you sew the sack to the main layer or is it
      sewn to an a second layer under that?

      On 4/26/06, Rick <ra1@...> wrote:
      > No baffle, no quilting. It is magic.
      > I do have a picture somewhere, but it is not with me in San Antonio this
      > week.
      > I took my previous warm hammock (with the pouched out sack that
      > contained the quilted in polarguard) and removed the quilting loops and
      > the polarguard insulation. I pumped the 4 oz of down in. When I lay
      > down in the hammock, the sack forms a nice even pad under me from my
      > shoulders to my hips, and just below.
      > The down is light enough that it tries to fill up the spaces and even
      > holds out the sides a bit.
      > I have been to the mid twenties with this and the Travel Pod and a down
      > quilt. (wearing a medium thickness fleece pullover and bathing shorts)
      > I was more comfortable in the twenties a second night with a single
      > thickness of pad, 20x36 inside the hammock. But nights in the thirties
      > and the fourties were plenty comfortable with the pad remaining in my
      > Essence pack as a frame sheet.
      > This hammock compresses to a smaller size than the 3/4 in polarguard
      > WarmHammock did and is considerably warmer.
      > I really hoped to get to NC to show it off, but that did not happen.
      > Too many other trips.
      > Rick
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