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1362Hammock Camping Re: Taco shell length vs. sil-poncho?!?!

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  • Ray Garlington
    May 12, 2003
      > So, how do you connect it at the head end?

      both the head end & the foot end of the tarp are connected to the
      hammock support lines. When tying, match the tension of the long edge
      of the tarp to the tension of the hammock's long edge. Then at the
      head end, gather the tarp to the support rope and tie it in place. At
      the foot end, connect a pull string to the tarp's draw string, and
      pass it through a loop tied to the hammock's support line.

      Then add insulation, pull the draw cord to bring insulation up to the
      hammock bottom, and tie the draw cord to the hammocks ridge line.
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