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13607Re: [Hammock Camping] Newbie Question

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  • opnheartscrub@tampabay.rr.com
    Apr 27, 2006
      > I am new to the board and to hammock camping. I have almost finished
      > my first hammock. As I was playing around with it I noticed how
      > it was at the top and was wondering if there was a way to widen it up
      > a bit(let in a little air). I know that the hennesy has some bungee
      > tie outs on the side but I'm not sure where the are sewn in. I
      > wouldn't mind doing that but I don't know where to put them.
      > Any help would be great.

      First of all, I think you might need to to retie the hammock ends.
      You didn't say if you knotted or whipped the ends but in order for the
      sides to be loose you need to have the edges even when you gather them
      and not pull on the "ears" which puts tension on the sides. Also
      worth considering is if you like to lie on the diagonal like most
      people or in the classic bannana shape that I enjoy. I have made
      several hammocks and find that I too like the open feeling of looser
      sidewalls. Since I sleep down the center of the hammock I pull my
      sides apart at the center of each side. If you like to lie diagonally
      you might want to offset the pulls HH style. Play around with the
      setup before making it permanent. Lastly, I now use alum tent poles
      to hold my hammocks open in warm weather (including my HH) instead of
      tying them out. I find this works much better for me. Hope this helps.

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