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13597Re: [Hammock Camping] upper 60s

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  • Rick
    Apr 27, 2006
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      Today, I would make a hammock with about 2 oz of down for summer in SA.
      If bugs were terrible and a simple hanging net failed, I would make a
      travel pod out of ripstop and put velcro at each end to suspend the
      zipper away from my face. (I do remember seeing billions of hungry bugs
      trying to get through the screen on a porch when my family was in Ft
      Meyers as a kid... that was frightening.)

      I have been experimenting with yellow polyprolyne ropes, about 3/8 inch
      diameter tubelike ropes, since seeing Youngblood's use of them. They
      take up less space and are a little lighter.

      > I see. I know you hike the AT and colder climes but if you were around
      > San Antonio let's say :) from now till september would you try to save
      > some weight and just do your z hammock and a thin pad?
      > Currently I am thinking of making a 'Zhammock' with 1.1 ripstop
      > whipped, a bugnet tube, thin evazote pad, and 1" webbing. That will
      > make a nice summer (half the year) hammock here in texas. Anywhere I
      > can save even more weight? maybe the webbing?
      > Thanks
      > Scott
      > Enjoy your stay in S.A. ;)
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