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13594Re: [Hammock Camping] upper 60s

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  • Scott Schroeder
    Apr 26 1:20 PM
      On 4/26/06, Bill in Houston <zippydooda@...> wrote:
      > Scott,
      > I think a tube sounds like a good idea. I do think that the skeeters
      > will bite you through the net and the hammock material anyplace they
      > get the chance. Sooo, you might want to put permethrin on the
      > hammock fabric, OR make sure that your evazote is always between you
      > and the skeeters anyplace where your skin touches the hammock
      > fabric. I hope I am making sense. If not, ask and I'm sure I can do
      > better.
      > The setup you described sounds good to me. I am wondering if on hot
      > nights you might end up ditching the evazote. Still, I think that
      > that setup would work for at least half the year.
      > Some types of rope may be lighter than webbing, if you are really
      > trying to get weight down.

      That's clear bill. I was thinking about all that. If I do have a pad
      below me, I won't really need the full 'tube' around me. I'm still
      pondering some things. I just don't like having unneeded weight in the
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