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13592Re: [Hammock Camping] upper 60s

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  • Scott Schroeder
    Apr 26, 2006
      > > I think I can visualize that, but not sure how you are attaching it to
      > > the support webbing. With the net just hanging over the sides no bugs
      > > get in?
      > True. I once had an afternoon and evening with small "sweat bees" that
      > were everywhere at Spy Rock in Virginia. A couple of those bees worked
      > their way into the habitable space. Mosquitoes almost never have. I
      > don't have enough experience with black flies to say how the unattached
      > netting will work with them.

      I might try making a tube then. The bugs get pretty thick down here.

      > > Would you use it even in the 60s and 70s?
      > Yes. But I would be using the mosquito net instead of my travel pod,
      > and I would be using a lighter weight quilt with an inch of insulation
      > instead of 3 inches.

      I see. I know you hike the AT and colder climes but if you were around
      San Antonio let's say :) from now till september would you try to save
      some weight and just do your z hammock and a thin pad?
      Currently I am thinking of making a 'Zhammock' with 1.1 ripstop
      whipped, a bugnet tube, thin evazote pad, and 1" webbing. That will
      make a nice summer (half the year) hammock here in texas. Anywhere I
      can save even more weight? maybe the webbing?
      Enjoy your stay in S.A. ;)
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